What are Renewable Energy Sources


The renewable forms of energy are the most unlimited forms of energy which you have at present. That is why, it is vital to look into the usage of renewable forms of energy as far as possible. With the large number of renewable forms of energy available these days, it becomes easy for you to find out at least a few options which would be perfect for your application. We will be discussing  some of the renewable forms of energy which you can use.


What are renewable Energy Sources?

-Solar energy: Solar energy is the energy which is generated from the light of the sun with the help of solar panels.

-Wind power: The movement of the wind is used to rotate the blades of the fan which in turn rotate the turbines to produce electricity. This is how wind power can be used.

-Hydroelectric energy: The hydroelectric energy, uses the energy of flowing water to rotate the turbines and to generate electricity. The hydroelectric power plants are being used all over the world and are quite common when it comes to generating electricity.

-Biomass: Biomass is produced by mixing organic waste and other such materials. It is used to produce heat in water heaters and also it is used as a source of energy for cooking as well as to rotate the blades of a pump to draw water from the well. Biomass energy is pretty common in the countryside.

-Geothermal power: The geothermal power uses the natural heat of the earth in order to heat the water and use it to generate electricity. The geothermal power can directly be used in keeping your house warm and the temperature under control, of your house as well.

-Fuel cells: Not all fuel cells are renewable form of energy but some of them surely all. In these fuel cells, hydrogen is used to generate power and it is used as a fuel as well. It can be used as a battery and as an electric motor if used in proper applications.


These are some of the most popular and useful types of renewable energy sources which you have these days. The renewable sources of energy ensure that you are able to generate an unlimited amount of energy and that the source of the energy would never cease to exist.


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