Volkswagen Passat overview

Change of generations has brought for the Volkswagen Passat not only a respectable new design, but also a number of high-tech equipment, upgraded engines with improved performance. Body has become wider, but smaller in length and height. In addition, the car has weight less then precursor to 80 kg. Appearance of the Passat is characterized by rigor and pragmatism. Narrow headlights attach expressive to German sedan, and are harmoniously combined with a refined and at the same time concise grille. Powerful hood with elegant profile line accentuate the swiftness of this car. The back part of the new Passat attracts the attention by conservatism – recognizable body proportions and contours reminiscent of the previous generation, but in a more modern twist.

Interior of the 8th generation of the Passat changed very seriously. Conceptually, the new dashboard Active Info Display is implemented for the first time on this car completely changed the analog speedometer and tachometer on the multimedia display 12.3-inch high-definition. Furthermore, the Passat B8 became the first car of group, which began to equip by sliding screen Head-up, which displays on-board important information or tips navigation system. This solution contributes to increased concentration of the driver on driving, not taking his eyes off the roadway. The basic version of the new Passat is equipped with stability control, ABS, air conditioning, audio system with a compact 5-inch display.

For the 8th generation of the Volkswagen Passat in the new body is available the wide range of powertrains, including ten petrol and diesel turbo engines from 120 to 280 hp. Among them is a completely new 2.0-liter V4 diesel engine with two turbines, issuing 240 hp, 500 Nm of torque. With it the car is gaining hundred for 6.1 seconds and consumes on average 5.1 liters of fuel on hundred km. The most powerful version of this model is with a brand-wheel drive 4Motion. Also for the first time in the series appeared rechargeable hybrid modification of the 1.4 TSI Plug-in Hybrid. It includes a 1.4-l gasoline turbo TSI engine of 150 hp, an electric motor of 75 kW (total installation efficiency is 211 hp). This model can overcome the distance of 50 kilometers by electric. Later, the car has received a modification to the Passat BlueMotion with 1.6-liter diesel engine (120 power and 250 Nm), which is combined with manual transmission only.



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