The Volkswagen Touareg Faults

SUV Volkswagen Touareg is most common in the configuration with six-cylinder engine. This engine is quite reliable and unpretentious. But it is not uncommon that the motor can be repaired after relatively small mileage. In some vehicles through 100,000 km is wear out drive timing. Touareg with eight-cylinder engines are not often seen on the road. But this engine has certain advantages in operation. But it is not excluded breakage. Gas distribution mechanism is driven by a toothed belt, which must be replaced at the same time with a set of rollers after ~ 120,000 kilometers. After all, if to change all at once, then the cost will be much cheaper. Diesel on Volkswagen Touareg is used much less frequently, although Touareg 3.0TDI model is very popular for those motorists who have the opportunity to fill a good diesel.

The V10 engines have two urgent problems. The first is the quality of fuel. And the second is a large maintenance costs. Therefore, this type of engine is not put on the budget, off-road Volkswagen Tiguan. Tiguan is equipped with engines of small volume – 1.4TFSI, 2.0TFSI, 2.0TDI. The Volkswagen Touareg fuel system consists of two petrol pumps. These are the main and auxiliary pump; the second begins its work during heavy acceleration. The main fuel pump leads in the frequency output of the system. If the car starts to twitch and “stumble” at acceleration, it means that the main fuel petrol pump is broken. The automatic shift box in Tuareg was made by the Japanese company Aisin. There are cases when after 150,000 km it is necessary to change. If you haven’t corrected valve control unit, the automatic transmission can be also break. The all-wheel drive system faults occur infrequently, but early models have met the problem.
The clearance of the air suspension varies in the values of 130-160 mm; it provides a perfect behavior of the car on the road. The fragility of pneumatic components is only one problem. Usually, it must be replaced after 100,000 km.

Volkswagen Touareg is equipped with all kinds of electronics. It is often necessary to repair electronic equipment. For example, xenon headlights often are misted, and if nothing is done, you have to change them completely. If you purchased a Volkswagen Touareg, then be prepared for malfunction of the various elements of the electronic system. If you think that the Volkswagen Touareg is a bad car, it’s not. Touareg has a number of fine qualities, ranging from chic interior, and finishing with excellent driving characteristics. And it isn’t the fact that your vehicle will pursue constant problem. But the fact is that the repair and replacement of parts of the car cost expensive.


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