The expected Volkswagen CC

Very soon for the public will presented the new model Volkswagen CC. Europe will have the first access to this car. Volkswagen in the new CC aims to become on a par with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. To compete with these vehicles for the new model is necessary to offer something extraordinary.


2017 model is very different from the present. CC will develop model based on the Jetta. Since the sales of this car will be not only in European countries, but also in the US, so the CC will have not only the German conciseness, but also increased comfort. Dimensional values of the CC will be greater, including wheelbase will be increased. It promotes the formation of additional space inside the car and the comfortable passenger’s accommodation. Especially the convenience will feel the tall people.

In addition to the space, the interior will have the new gadgets. It will help in driving and provide entertainment for passengers. Interior finishing, as in the previous version of the CC, will be only of high quality materials. For any CC configuration will be available these options: LED lights, remote access, navigation system, fog lights, 6.3″ touch screen. Volkswagen CC R-Line will have another exterior design, 18-inch wheels, exterior lighting. The R-Line Executive are characterized by the panoramic sunroof, leather seats. 4Motion will get heated front injectors, parking control, the V6 engine and all-wheel drive.


It is expected, that the CC will have a more powerful engine. There is speculation that Volkswagen CC will be a hybrid, but it is not confirmed at this point. As the power unit in the new CC will be used a V6 3 l engine. The support for engine will be 2 electric motors that provide additional power. The total capacity of this vehicle will be 374 hp, the maximum amount of power for Volkswagen. The engine will run with a ten-speed gearbox DSG with double clutch.
Release date for this car is expected in mid-2017 for sales in Europe. For the US release will be later, probably in 2018. For European countries, the price will start from £ 24,000.


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