German pedantry in the Volkswagen Jetta


Jetta in form is very similar to the Passat. This is due to the fact that, one designer – Jose Pavone – developed the look of these two models. Jetta sedan was built in the VW Golf platform, but it was slightly lengthened. The Jetta received the front suspension McPherson, and rear – multi-link system. Jetta is the most spacious car among C-class cars. A nice addition to other characteristics of this model is a spacious trunk; its volume is 510 liters. This amount is enough for large grocery purchases, folding pram, a few bags, and there will still be some space. The rear seats can be folded for transportation of long loads.


As with all models of Volkswagen, Jetta interior is the laconic and strict, everything is in its place and there is nothing superfluous. All parts complement each other perfectly. This interior is very formal, impersonal. Like the exterior has large size, so a lot of space is inside. The salon is very spacious, the driver and passengers can easily accommodate. It can be set two car seats for children in the rear row, and is still a place for one more passenger. The driver’s seat has a lumbar support that can be adjusted manually, like the rest of seat adjustment. Despite such a large interior, there is nowhere to put a large smartphone. Of course, you can find a place, but to put / get the phone will be uncomfortable. In my opinion, in the Jetta is very ill-conceived design of the center console. It consists of five elements: a niche in the front part of the control unit modes of transmission, parking brake lever, two narrow cupholders and center armrest with a small glove compartment inside. Nowhere in these elements is no place for smartphone, for example with a diagonal display of 5.5″.

The instrument cluster is also fairly typical for VW brand vehicles: large speedometer and tachometer in the corners, plus monochrome LCD on-board computer in the middle. It looks to the extent strictly and modern. Salon is equipped with a rear-view mirror auto-dimming system, which is activated when on the mirror falls the headlights riding behind the car. Nothing unique – just a comfortable little thing, which today is in the majority of C-segment cars. As expected from modern cars, VW Jetta is equipped with electronic cruise control.


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