The novelty in the world of hybrids – Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime has the best performance among the known hybrids. This is plug-in hybrid. It is capable of using electricity to drive a distance of 50 km at a maximum speed of 135 km/h. Consumption of such vehicle is just 2l / 100 km. Prius is considered not only an economical car, but also environmentally friendly. CO2 emissions are just 31 g / km.


This car differs from its predecessors not only by economical consumption and the parameters of harmful emissions, but there are significant changes in the design. Prius Plug-in Hybrid received the new LED lights. Now, taillights and four front headlights will become the main external difference from the previous models in this series. The grille also was updated, bumper became sculptural. The new Prius has become slightly longer, wider and lower. A drag coefficient was increased and became 0.24. The developers have achieved this with the help of a specially designed rear window. Also they made automatic blinds on radiator, which if it’s necessary, closes the flow of air to the engine.


Solar panels are located on the roof and charge a car battery in sunny weather. This charge will be enough to maintain the air conditioner. Battery power is increased, but the car is recharged very quickly, just 2,5 hours by fast charger and 5,2 hours from an ordinary electrical outlet.

Comfortable and safe driving

Prius Hybrid has more convenience for the driver: the armrest, the center console with a niche for phone, a comfortable seat, TFT screen of 4.2 inches, the 11.6-inches display, which is arranged vertically. Driver can control the battery charge and control the air conditioning system by smartphone. Thanks MacPherson struts, car has good stability. The steering is sensitive because of the new wishbone rear suspension. The noise inside the car is lowered by a special laminate coating on the windshield. Prius is equipped with a system that prevents head-on collision with pedestrians. There are systems for safe driving: lane sensor, radar cruise control, special light switch.


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