2016 Toyota Tacoma Review

Since the submission for the general public for more than 10 years ago, Toyota Tacoma is the flagship of the mini car segment in the automotive market, and perhaps is the most popular car. Typical benefits of Tacoma are a wide range of body types, good off-road qualities and above average levels of reliability and durability. It is built on a traditional platform, the same as that of the Toyota 4Runner and FJ Cruiser.

There are only a few the negative sides in this car. Even when someone modestly notes that pickup is usually more expensive than counterparts, and tall drivers can find Tacoma cabin of the first generation is too small and not comfortable, but on the totality of the benefits it ahead of competitors and it is often advised to those who have already it was purchased. The current Toyota Tacoma. Toyota Tacoma is a mid-size pickup, available in a variety of sizes and body colors. Among this variety, you will definitely find the style or color that most appeals to you. The body is of three types: Access Cab, Regular-cab, full-featured Double Cab. Regular-cab is a basic configuration, and offers only a small amount of free space behind front seats and is equipped with only a 4 -cylinder engine. In addition, they are equipped with air conditioning, plastic trim, steering system in the body, CD player and nothing more.

Access Cab is equipped with the small back door, cargo compartment behind the front seats and two small seats (except for children, adults fit there will be very problematic). Double Cab is equipped with a full-fledged rear seats and normal rear doors. There are added traction control, front and side airbags. These models are established exclusively by V6 petrol engines. The engine range is represented by only two models: 2TR-2,7-l V4 engine, that produces 159 hp with torque of 244 Nm. And the engine is 1GR- 4-liter V6, with a capacity of 236 hp and torque of 360 Nm. Buyers, who plan to carry a trailer frequently, it is better to draw their attention to the V6.



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