Change of generations has brought for the Volkswagen Passat not only a respectable new design, but also a number of high-tech equipment, upgraded engines with improved performance. Body has become wider, but smaller in length and height. In addition, the car has weight less then precursor to 80 kg. Appearance of the Passat is characterized […]

Exterior Jetta in form is very similar to the Passat. This is due to the fact that, one designer – Jose Pavone – developed the look of these two models. Jetta sedan was built in the VW Golf platform, but it was slightly lengthened. The Jetta received the front suspension McPherson, and rear – multi-link […]

Very soon for the public will presented the new model Volkswagen CC. Europe will have the first access to this car. Volkswagen in the new CC aims to become on a par with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. To compete with these vehicles for the new model is necessary to offer something extraordinary. Exterior […]

The Volkswagen Beetle holds great traction with the road surface. The flat roofline, an elongated hood and a steep angle of the windscreen make it look like a sports coupe. But profiled wings, rounded transitions to the roof and round headlights make it clear that this is a classic, loved by many generations of motorists […]

SUV Volkswagen Touareg is most common in the configuration with six-cylinder engine. This engine is quite reliable and unpretentious. But it is not uncommon that the motor can be repaired after relatively small mileage. In some vehicles through 100,000 km is wear out drive timing. Touareg with eight-cylinder engines are not often seen on the […]