Roll over the red carpet to the junior brother of the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude. This SUV possesses the impressive set of in-house features at the affordable price of 26,090 US Dollar. Jeep Cherokee Altitude looks enigmatic, enduring, and cautious for it comes in all black – side rails, grille detailing, badging, etc. The gloss black […]

It was 1980 when the society was acquainted with the Jeep Cherokee. 75 years passed since that time, so the manufacturer arrived at a decision of bringing joy to its fans with the Cherokee 75th Anniversary edition launch. With exclusive accents, color schemes and badging, the special edition model marks the in-house authentic freedom. The […]

Jeep Cherokee is built on a Fiat platform, which is already used for the sedan Dodge Dart and for the hatchbackAlfa Romeo. Front suspension of SUV is McPherson. The maximum suspension travel in the front is 17 cm, and the rear is 18 cm. External body dimensions are: length 4624 mm, 1850 mm wide, 1690 mm […]