Automobiles are a means of transport. This evident but poor phrase definitely cannot be applied to a new BMW’s masterpiece, which elevated the BMW M4 Coupe to a new level of potential. Roll out the red carpet to an exclusive sporty showpiece named BMW M4 GTS! The exceptional and unique abilities of a newcomer were […]

BMW 5-series Gran Turismo  looks very massive and solid, but it didn’t lose its grace. It’s the car, which exactly is a product of BMW, and not only in front of the radiator with a double cut, but also in other things. The BMW is determined by the branded lights, as well as the famous […]

 Recently BMW pleases its fans one time after another. This week is dedicated to the upcoming release of the freshest, seventh-gen BMW G30 5 Series. Casting glances at various renders and teasers, the German brand’s community can hardly wait the auto’s launch any longer. Today the manufacturer lets the society into the secret of the […]

BMW X6 M combines the power of the M-series car models with high functionality X-series. Its temperamental V-8 M TwinPower Turbopetrol engine, 8-speed automatic transmission Steptronic and intellectual four-wheel system xDrive with special M settings are the guarantors of pleasure driving. Spacious interior impresses with noble materials, sport seats with high form fit and specific […]

Daydreaming is better with open eyes – and with the open roof. BMW M6 Convertible is an ideal combination of power and style. Incredibly powerful engine propels the car in 4.3 sec to 100 km/h. Body design The powerful silhouette invariably draws everyone’s attention to the BMW M6 Cabriolet. Design and power complement each other. […]

Discover, explore and receive updates on the upcoming all-new BMW 7 Series model. Witness the Future of Luxury. The interior is a different story, however, being as opulent and luxurious as possible and maybe even best in class. With a lovely array of leather, wood and aluminum, the new 7 Series’ interior has a bright, comfortable […]

BMW M3 Sedan is a sports car in a practical 4-door body. Brand-new in-line V6 petrol engine TwinPower Turbo with power of 431 hp offers excellent performance throughout the rev range. Borrowed from motorsport innovations such as active differential, the adaptive suspension, steering with M Servotronic system or a 7-speed gearbox with the DCT Drivelogic, […]

For creation of this model, for engineers it took about 3 years, which can be considered a record time for the corporation BMW. BMW i8 is clearly the most complex serial cars that ever went off the assembly line of the group. The exterior of car is clearly ahead of our time. It isn’t easy […]

Buying a car always requires careful consideration. Be sure, that you buy not low-quality car that will soon break, and repair cost is very expensive. The first, determine the amount of money you’re willing to pay for a purchase. Do not rush with the choice of car. It is no need to buy the first […]

BMW 4 – Series has become larger in size, compared with its predecessor. However, the total weight of 4- series is less than 3- series on 20- 40 kg, the weight depends from configuration. All these manipulations with the centimeters and proportions led to the fact, that the center of gravity is reduced as possible. […]

The 7-Series hails as the flagship sedan of the BMW lineup. The cost of this extra-special, super-incognito luxury sedan is a mystery at present, but it will be announced closer to the B7’s U.S. launch this September. Expect a base price somewhere north of $140,000, a relative steal for a big sedan capable of punting itself […]

Discover, explore and book a test drive in any 7 Series model. The BMW 7 Series is the Ultimate Driving Machine.  Exterior  its good in exterior and everything Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)  its very luxry and comfort and every features are there, very lenghty Engine. The Alpina B7 has long filled the top of BMW’s […]