Jeep actually became the founder of a new class of vehicles, and the company name has become synonymous with the name for off-road vehicles. As with many other technical innovations, impetus for the creation of such cars began the race of military technologies. Ancestors of the company In 1938, the leadership of the US armed […]

The original engine oil Honda is the highest quality oil, which is developed in the research laboratories of Honda in Japan. With original oil Honda engine is running at maximum efficiency. Oil meets the international specifications of API standard. Use genuine Honda oil to maintain high performance of your vehicle. Advantages • Improved fuel efficiency. […]

See more about Honda Odyssey, Honda and Engine. Reliable and unpretentious at first glance, the car actually has a lot of not very serious, but very nasty bugs that can result in an expensive (or permanent) repair. Similar vehicles of other brands also have problems, and if buyers continue to buy the Odyssey, hence all […]

Since the submission for the general public for more than 10 years ago, Toyota Tacoma is the flagship of the mini car segment in the automotive market, and perhaps is the most popular car. Typical benefits of Tacoma are a wide range of body types, good off-road qualities and above average levels of reliability and […]

Changes in the Chevrolet Spark are noticeable primarily in the exterior. The color palette will fill up variations of the car. The roof of the new Chevrolet Spark will be even lower. The design will become more refined, and satisfy the desire of wealthy buyers. Appearance of the Spark car corresponds to the name. Sophisticated […]

This automobile has already become a legend. Affordable and powerful, the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will definitely take the automotive industry by storm. The vehicle is aggregated by the 1,4 liters DOHC engine with turbocharger and four cylinders that has the power output in 153 HP. Unfortunately, the motor can’t boast a super economic fuel consumption […]

It was 1980 when the society was acquainted with the Jeep Cherokee. 75 years passed since that time, so the manufacturer arrived at a decision of bringing joy to its fans with the Cherokee 75th Anniversary edition launch. With exclusive accents, color schemes and badging, the special edition model marks the in-house authentic freedom. The […]

Very soon for the public will presented the new model Volkswagen CC. Europe will have the first access to this car. Volkswagen in the new CC aims to become on a par with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. To compete with these vehicles for the new model is necessary to offer something extraordinary. Exterior […]

Soon the Americans will present to the public the new model of Chevrolet Traverse 2017. The previous model doesn’t lose success, and the level of sales is not falling. Still, the company wants to stay ahead of the competition and not give a chance to break forward them, so the new model of Traverse has […]

Despite its small size and elegant appearance, Chevrolet Spark 2016 is the car that has plenty to offer. Some accessories for this vehicle are aimed at the organization of the luggage compartment. But the best part aimed at improving the appearance. All accessories have been tested by Chevrolet. These Spark accessories are for improving driving […]