Solar Energy Pros and Cons


Each and every form of energy has its own pros and cons. This is true for solar energy as well. We will be discussing about some of the solar energy pros and cons of solar below.


Solar Energy Pros:

1. Renewable form of energy:

The main advantage of solar energy is that it is a renewable form of energy. Renewable form of energy means that you will never run out of solar energy and therefore you can use the applications of solar energy for a long period of time without the fear of solar energy running out.

2. Available in abundant quantities:

The solar energy is available all over the earth instead of just being concentrated in a few parts of the planet like fossil fuels.

3. Sustainable source of energy:

Any form of energy which is renewable and available in abundant quantities is also sustainable form of energy which can be used for a long period of time.


Environment friendly:

When you use solar energy to generate any other form of energy using solar energy, you would not be polluting the environment and you would not have any form of carbon footprint. That is why; solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy which you have currently.

Variety of applications:

The applications of solar energy are plenty and you can use it by converting it into electricity or you can use it directly in the solar cooker to cook your food, you can directly use it in the solar water heater as well. There plenty of other applications of solar energy as well and therefore it can be used in a variety of ways.

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Solar Energy Cons:

  1. 1. Expensive to utilise solar energy:

The generation of solar energy require solar panels and solar cells and these are pretty expensive. Moreover if you want to use the solar energy at night, you would have store the solar energy in batteries which is again pretty expensive.

2. Not available continuously:

The solar energy is available during the day and that too if there are no clouds. If the cloud cover is abundant in the region in which you are trying to use solar energy, the rays of the sun would be weak and therefore the quantity of solar energy which would be available would be pretty less.

3. Expensive to store such energy:

If your store energy for future use or if you’re storing energy for some other application, you would have to opt for pretty expensive batteries to store the energy. Moreover these batteries are not always completely efficient and therefore there would always be loss of energy in some form or the other.

4. A large amount of space is required:

The solar panels as well as the batteries require a large amount of space and therefore if you do not have the space, you would not be able to generate the required amount of solar energy.

So, if there are plenty of pros for solar energy usage, there are some cons as well, as discussed above.

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