2016 Porsche Macan GTS review

All Porsche Macan models are designed, built and tested in accordance with the Porsche philosophy. Macan is created to vivid life in a Porsche style in which there is always place for adrenaline sensations and new discoveries.

All the engines are not only with high efficiency and impressive performance, but also have a typical resonant sound, which is most evident with the optional sports exhaust system. The all-wheel system is standard on the stability of motion and dynamics. Serial tires of different size provide even more confident traction and maneuverability.
Serial 7-speed gearbox allows you to change gears in milliseconds without interrupting traction. The system has a coasting mode to reduce harmful emissions and fuel consumption. Continuous suspension on steel springs provides the ultimate accurate, confident movement.

The optional system uses redistribution of torque between the rear wheels and the rear differential lock to improve the accuracy and reliability of management. In addition, it improves maneuverability while cornering.
Optional assistance systems allow getting more enjoyment out of control. The support system controls “blind spot”.


It is unable to take off eyes from the black leather upholstery the armrests,on the center of the seats and on doors, on the center console. The seat belts in the outer rear seats and the front seats, tachometer, decorative stitching and an embroidered inscription “turbo” on the headrests are designed in contrasting colors. All of this only confirms the main idea: Macan Turbo is the epitome of extreme exclusivity.

The most important is always in front of your eyes. The instrument panel is like in a classic sports car. Tachometer, in accordance with this tradition is in the center. In high-quality display, among other things, information displays, and many features communication center display too.

As for my opinion, Macan is a machine that can deliver the vivid pleasure of driving. Such a car is needed for people who need a car for a hobby, leisure, sport. It is compact, solid, bright and also very powerful.

Porsche Macan GTS Price £55,188;



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