2016 Porsche Cayenne GTS review


The exclusivity of this model of Porsche brand is reflected in the sports and sharp lines. This is a very emotional, high-class machine, which is designed to achieve impressive results. 3.6-l V6 engine with a turbocharged provides a power level that is reallycan be seen on the race track only. Power of 440 hp takes any desires, while the steel suspension with Management system provides a more vivid feeling when driving. This is athletic, powerful and muscular car. This is a car, which is designed for strong emotions.


The hood, front fenders, air intakes and headlights give the car even more charisma. Precise lines make it clear that this car has strong character, full of dignity. Sports profile and wheels with an attractive design highlight the dynamics of the vehicle.


When you drive the GTS, you’re not a driver only. You become a part of the concept. That is why the design inside the Cayenne is built around the driver. A characteristic feature of a sports car is the center console, which reduces the distance between the wheel and the most important elements of driving. Multifunction sports steering wheel is also reminiscent of motorsport. The new communications center (PCM) with touch screen fits in the center console very ergonomically.
The GTS has the support systems that will ensure safe and comfortable ride. These are the tracking system layout, the help system when you rebuild, the all-round visibility, the parking assistance system.


Additional potential fuel economy in certain situations provides a so-called coasting when you take foot off the accelerator pedal to slow down slowly. This prevents the engine braking effect because it is disconnected from the transmission while continuing to operate at idles.

As for me, this is a car, which is bought in order to emphasize the social status. Comfort is felt first and foremost. The support driving systems will help in driving such a powerful machine on the road. There is really great connection between driver and car.



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