Redesign of the Jeep Patriot

Jeep manufacturers are preparing to offer the world a new version of the Jeep Patriot model in 2017. For those who like driving on various types of roads, this car has become the most popular. According to the Chrysler’s five-year strategic plan, for new model will come to replace the old and it will even more interest and attract buyers. The updated Jeep Patriot took much from the previous model, but, nevertheless, it will be able to intrigue fans. Fans of the brand will be happy with bringing updates of the Patriot.


Externally, the Patriot will not change, a general view will continue from the predecessor. Yet there will be some elements of the exterior, which become apparent among the distinctive marks of their predecessors. Without a doubt, the updated Jeep Patriot in its appearance will keep the famous 7 outdoor grills, which are the hallmark of the entire series.


Global changes in Patriot are also not expected. As well as externally, this model will be virtually identical to its predecessors. The interior of this line is surprising its simplicity and user-friendly. There is nothing superfluous, or non-functional in this model. Even the slightest change in the car design will only lead to an improvement, and not only the style, but also improve the driving experience in a comfortable car.


Jeep Patriot will be offered to customers in two engine variants. The basic version is the 2.0-liter VVT engine, the maximum power of 158 hp. Second variant is a 2.4 liter VVT motor, power which will be within the 172 hp. Such a small amount will be a disappointment for many. But, unfortunately, this car is not a full-fledged SUV, and its average size makes the Patriot a car with minor technical characteristics of the engine.

Release date and estimated price

Release date will be known closer to the summer 2016. That’s when everyone will be able to see the updated version of the Patriot, and will be able to ascertain is the car a true Patriot. The price will be slightly higher, as the weight of the updated model has changed. But it is known that the base model will cost about $ 20,000.



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