What you need to know about the weak points of the Honda Odyssey

See more about Honda Odyssey, Honda and Engine. Reliable and unpretentious at first glance, the car actually has a lot of not very serious, but very nasty bugs that can result in an expensive (or permanent) repair. Similar vehicles of other brands also have problems, and if buyers continue to buy the Odyssey, hence all these troubles are not so burdensome.


There is a high load on the classic automatic transmission in a fairly heavy car. Especially it is hard for all-wheel drive versions. It is possible to help gearbox by more frequent intervals special liquids replacement, ATF Z1 or ATF DW-1 (25 000 – 30 000 km). The front and rear cross cardan shaft on four-wheel drive version. Original parts fail after 130 000 – 150 000 km. To change the universal joint assembly on the original value of more than $ 1,200 is very expensive. The problem is not unique to Odyssey, but for the most all-wheel drives Honda. It is easily and permanently to eliminate only by replacing the propeller shaft on the new original.


Strong internal engine pollution is caused by structural features. Hence is high oil consumption by cars with mileage of more than 150 000 km, potential problems with the connecting rod (and, sometimes, and indigenous) inserts. In fact, it is a design flaw. It is not possible to fix your own, or force service center.
Recommendation: In the normal state of the engine is better to speed up the replacement of engine oil (at least 1 per 8,000 km), the optimal frequency is 1 replacement of 5,000 km, until the oil has not lost detergency. It is necessary to avoid the use of wash oil – it does not help, but could easily exacerbate!

Ball joints on the upper front wishbones

It is the unique Odyssey problem. These balls on all other Honda belong to the category of “eternal”, at all but not for the Odyssey. The reason is in the car’s weight. This is not the design error, ball go for a long time, about 80 000 – 100 000 km, but for Honda this problem quite uncharacteristic, and occurs most often, it is the Odyssey. Also, silent blocks in the same arm go quickly down, all is for the same reasons. The correct method is one – to replace the lever on the new original. It is reliability, but expensive. The lever can be replaced on the duplicate (unreliable, but cheap), contract (not very reliable, but cheap), replace the ball on the duplicate (very cheap).



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