Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar energy is one of the widely used forms of renewable energy these days. Each and every form of energy has some advantages and some disadvantages. Same is the case with solar energy. You need to decide for yourself after taking into account advantages as well  disadvantages, whether these type of energy sources are good option for you or not.


Advantages of solar energy:

-The solar energy is a renewable form of energy. This makes it easier for you to convert solar energy into electricity as well as other forms of energy to fulfil your applications.


-Solar energy is a clean form of energy. All over the world, governments as well as normal citizens are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. An increase in the Carbon footprint can result in global warming and it would affect our planet negatively as well. Due to this, more and more people are opting for a clean source of energy which does not have any carbon footprint. Solar energy is one such energy which ensures that there is no carbon footprint when you are generating that energy.


-Solar energy can be generated all over the world. It is not just limited to certain part of the world like the fossil fuels. Therefore, whether you live in India or whether you live in America, you would be able to generate solar electricity at all of those places. You need to also understand that when you are looking to generate solar electricity, it can be easily stored as well and thus providing you with the chance to use it at a later stage.


Disadvantages of solar energy:

-The problem with solar energy is that the entire setup is pretty expensive. Once you have spent on the entire setup, the electricity can be generated at an affordable cost but if you are looking into the cost of the entire setup that is the solar panels and also the batteries, it would be very expensive. Due to this, there is a cost barrier which is involved for people who are trying to switch over from conventional electricity to solar electricity.


-Solar electricity can only be generated when there is abundant sunlight which is present. In the winter season or in the monsoon season or even during night, the generation of solar electricity is drastically affected. That is why, the storage mechanism becomes a very vital when you are speaking about solar energy. The batteries which are used for storage are not 100% efficient and therefore there would always be loss of some energy which is stored in these batteries.

-There is a considerable amount of space which is required for the generation of solar electricity because the solar panels take a lot of space and if you are having batteries for storing the solar energy, it would also be taking a lot of space. Due to this point, you need to 1st decide on the space which is needed for installing the solar panels and a battery backup and after that switch over to solar electricity instead of normal electricity.


As you can see, there are quite a few things which you need to consider when you are speaking about the usage of solar energy as compared to the conventional form of energy.