How does Solar Energy Work


Applications and the usage of solar energy has become pretty popular all over the world. If you look at the applications of solar energy, you would find out that it can be used for heating water or it can be used for more advanced purposes like producing electricity as well. In order to understand the concept of solar energy, you have to 1st understand the concept of light and how light is converted into electricity for various applications using the solar panels.


How does solar energy work?

Light is made of photons. When this light strikes any object, the photons provide energy to that particular object. The solar panels are made from silicone and silicone contains electrons which are mobile. When the photons strike the silicones, energy is imparted to them which results in the movement of electrons. This movement of electron constitutes the electric current. This movement of electrons can be directed towards the batteries which can then store the electricity. That is why; it becomes easier for you to store the solar energy as well. When the amount of light is more, a higher amount of solar electricity can be generated as well. The only problem in the generation of solar energy is that you would require large batteries to store sufficient amount of solar energy.


You need to also look into the angle at which you are mounting the solar panels. If the angle is not proper, the efficiency of the solar panels would be drastically reduced and the amount of electricity which would be generated would also be reduced as well.


You need to look into the usage of such solar energy during the night time period as well. Storing the solar electricity is possible but there is always a certain amount of loss involved when you’re storing the solar electricity for a longer period of time.

The efficiency of the solar electricity storing systems is not 100%.


So, if you’re looking for a renewable source of energy which is clean and which can be easily generated all over the world, then solar energy option is the best provided you are having efficient mechanism, to generate it and a proper storing mechanism as well.