How does Solar Energy generate Electricity

Solar power is one of the most pure forms of power which is available today. It is much better than the other sources of energy which utilize fossil fuels. One of the most popular uses of solar power is to generate electricity. The question which puzzles many people is how does solar energy generate electricity? We would be going into details of conversion of solar energy into electricity in our article below.


Conversion of solar energy into electricity:


The solar energy is captured using the solar panels which are made of solar cells which contain silicon. In the solar cell, silicon contains the presence of extra electrons in whereas there are missing electrons in another part of the cell.

When the solar energy that is the sunlight, comes in contact with the solar cell, the photons in the solar energy provide energy to the extra electrons to break free from the atoms. They usually settle in the atoms which are missing electrons.


If you look into the definition of current, you would notice that the flow of electrons from one place to another constitutes the flow of current that is electricity. The solar cells or solar panels are often connected to an inverter which converts this motion of electrons into proper usable form of electricity.


Factors affecting the generation of electricity from solar energy:

The most important factor is the direct light which is being directed towards that particular solar cell. This is determined by the position of the sun related to the solar cell.


The more the sunlight which is being directed toward the solar panel, the higher would be amount of electricity which would be generated. In summer season, the amount of electricity generated as much greater as compared to the winter season.

These days there are advanced type of solar panels which are available as well. These solar panels change the direction depending on the position of the sun relative to the solar panel.


The best way to position the solar panels is to take the latitude of the geographical location of the solar cells into account. For example, Toronto is at 43° north and therefore if you are using solar panels in Toronto, it would be a good idea to keep them at an angle of 43°.

This is how electricity is generated from solar energy.