How does Geothermal Energy make Electricity

Most of the electricity power plants use geothermal energy to generate electricity of hydroelectric energy and are reducing the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. One of the widely used energy to make electricity is known as the geothermal energy.

We would be discussing about the process of converting geothermal energy into electricity. So how does geothermal energy make electricity?


When you look into geothermal plants, you would find that their are different techniques to convert geothermal energy into electricity:

-Dry Steam

-Flash Steam

-Binary cycle


The common factor among all these three techniques is that they use steam turbines for the generation of electricity.


Conversion of geothermal energy into electricity:

The water which is used in the geothermal power plants is heated and then sent through pipes with force to rotate the steam turbines. The heat of the water is used to rotate the turbines and also the circular motion of the water around the turbines also rotates the turbines. The steam which is generated from the water due to heat and rapid movement helps in the motion of the turbines as well.


The turbines were placed around the magnet which results in electromagnetic induction. This electromagnetic induction coarses the flow of electrons from one place to another which causes the current to flow.

Under normal circumstances, the heat of the earth is used to heat the water instead of using any fuels to heat the water.

That is why, the process of creating electricity using geothermal energy is completely natural. It does not make use of any fossil fuels.


Before the water is passed through the turbines, it is passed through the rock catchers because if there is any rock in the water which is sent through the turbines, there can be a great damage to the turbines which are used to generate electricity.


Depending on the type of the geothermal plant out of three which we have discussed above, the procedure could be modified slightly according to the type of the techniques used.


So, as you can see geothermal energy is one of the cleanest forms of electricity generation which can be used. It helps in ensuring that there is no pollution of any kind during the generation of electricity using geothermal energy.