The latest version of the Chevrolet Spark

Changes in the Chevrolet Spark are noticeable primarily in the exterior. The color palette will fill up variations of the car. The roof of the new Chevrolet Spark will be even lower. The design will become more refined, and satisfy the desire of wealthy buyers. Appearance of the Spark car corresponds to the name. Sophisticated design combines elliptical lights, two-port front grille with the inscription, clear front fenders.


The roof is even lower, but despite this fact, designers have tried to provide enough space for driver and passengers. Planting began to lower, driving position is made easier. A lot of attention is paid for the interior details; used materials are very high quality, which increases the durability and comfort. Chevy Spark is equipped by modern technologies. The instrument panel has a LCD, through which is displayed information about the condition of the Spark, is access to information and entertainment applications. The dashboard now looks a little different due to the trapezoidal shape. MyLink system operates at the highest level, ensuring the compatibility of electronic devices with a car. The touch screen allows to operate the system very quickly and accurately. Driver can operate system by voice, so it is no need to be always distracted from the driving.


Chevrolet Spark is working on a new engine, which amounts to 1.4 liters and has 4 cylinders. Power is 98 hp. Compared with the previous version, it has increased by 16%. Materials of some engine components is replaced by aluminum, thus, the total weight of the car is reduced. Lower total weight increases the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. The updated Chevrolet Spark has a 5- speed manual transmission. This model will work on the front-wheel drive.


Trips by the Chevrolet Spark are safe. Manufacturers of this compact car bother about driver’s and passenger’s safety. Salon is equipped with ten airbags, rollover protection system, and in general the car is equipped with cameras to prevent collisions.


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