Chevrolet Cruze – The Sedan, Which Establishes New Rules

Stylish and swift, elegant Cruze silhouette begins from the strongly inclined windscreen and ends with thin C-pillar.

Interior fittings

• On-board computer that displays on the display of eco-data of the Start / Stop system;
• Audio system;
• Input for iPod or MDE player;
• Front power windows;
• Adjustable 4-way driver’s seat.
And yet, the advanced infotainment Chevrolet MyLink System (with LTZ model) with a 7-inch touch screen, which, among other things, displays the image from the rear view camera.

Enormous power and fuel economy

For the sedan Cruze are offered a range of six highly efficient petrol and diesel engines in volume from 1.4 to 2.0 liters, including a brand new turbocharged petrol engine of 1.4 liters and output of 140 hp. Many engines use Start / Stop technology, providing additional reductions in fuel consumption and reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Cruze is one of the leaders on the class width, length and height of the cabin, which will accommodate comfortably five adults. And in a spacious 470-liter boot fit all passenger belongings. The cabin provides plenty of places to store things on the trip, including: a compartment for coins and small items on the front panel, which also has AUX-in and USB-ports, rear armrest with internal storage compartment, compartments for bottles and maps in front and rear doors, as well as pockets on the backs of the front seats. In an emergency situation 6 standard airbags, seat belt pretensioners, energy-absorbing shock front rear programmed deformation zones of the body and reinforced frame ensure maximum occupant protection.
Cruze has a body with integrated frame (VFI), which ensures optimum driving performance and excellent handling. This means that the Cruze will provide high speed stability, sure grip, a real sense of acceleration dynamics.
Cruze features a great set of active safety systems, including:
• ABS and EVD for braking control;
• TSS and ESC for traction control and sustainability;
• Monitoring sensor of blind zones for safer rebuilding on the road;
• Tire pressure indicator.
All listed Cruze systems have received 5 stars in the NSAR rating security.

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