In 1938, the leadership of the US armed forces has decided to hold a tender for the production and design of cars with high cross to replace the outdated motorcycles with sidecars. The most successful idea was proposed by American Bantam company engineer Karl Probst at summer of 1940. His project was a frugal car – Bantam BRC with open body and payload in a quarter of a ton.
Subsequently, the army officers insisted on completion of this project by companies Willys-Overland and Ford, with followed manufacturing. The model in the war years was released with a circulation of 650 thousand copies and was well received by the soldiers of the cross-country and unpretentiousness. According to the most probable version of the common noun “Jeep” comes from the contraction GPW – it was the name of the original model in the production performance of the Ford.

Jeep is one of the most treasured and beloved brands in the country. Moreover, Jeep comes with a rich history dating back to World War II. The vehicle is known for its rugged Wrangler, but it’s important to know that the new lineup features crossovers that have great attributes and other SUVs that are also […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee for the passage is one of the best off-roader among all mid-size cars. This opinion is supported by experts and jeeps amateurs. Jeep Grand Cherokee won the sympathy of customers via four-wheel drive control and a comfortable interior. This car is available in the US since 1992. It confidence can be attributed […]

SUV Jeep Wrangler CJ is a civilian version of the car, which was developed during the Second World War for the US Army. The debut of this version was held in 1986 at the Geneva Motor Show. Wrangler model can be considered as the founder of modern off-road vehicles. In late 1996, the manufacturer introduced […]

Jeep actually became the founder of a new class of vehicles, and the company name has become synonymous with the name for off-road vehicles. As with many other technical innovations, impetus for the creation of such cars began the race of military technologies. Ancestors of the company In 1938, the leadership of the US armed […]

Roll over the red carpet to the junior brother of the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude. This SUV possesses the impressive set of in-house features at the affordable price of 26,090 US Dollar. Jeep Cherokee Altitude looks enigmatic, enduring, and cautious for it comes in all black – side rails, grille detailing, badging, etc. The gloss black […]

It was 1980 when the society was acquainted with the Jeep Cherokee. 75 years passed since that time, so the manufacturer arrived at a decision of bringing joy to its fans with the Cherokee 75th Anniversary edition launch. With exclusive accents, color schemes and badging, the special edition model marks the in-house authentic freedom. The […]

Jeep manufacturers are preparing to offer the world a new version of the Jeep Patriot model in 2017. For those who like driving on various types of roads, this car has become the most popular. According to the Chrysler’s five-year strategic plan, for new model will come to replace the old and it will even […]

Jeep Cherokee is built on a Fiat platform, which is already used for the sedan Dodge Dart and for the hatchbackAlfa Romeo. Front suspension of SUV is McPherson. The maximum suspension travel in the front is 17 cm, and the rear is 18 cm. External body dimensions are: length 4624 mm, 1850 mm wide, 1690 mm […]

This automobile has proven itself a reliable SUV ideally matching for driving on either rough terrain or urban roads. This time, the manufacturer launched the special edition of the wheeled hero. Shake hands with the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude! The auto was trimmed with breaking through technologies, the increased level of safety, attractive […]