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Our universe is made up of 2 things that is matter and energy. It is pretty easy to understand the concept of matter because anything which occupy space and has a mass can be defined as matter. When you try to understand energy, it is much more complex. If you go according to the technical definition of energy, energy can be defined as the ability to move things or to do any kind of work. You can exclaim that energy is the ability of anything to do a certain type of work.

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What are Renewable Energy Sources

The renewable forms of energy are the most unlimited forms of energy which you have at present. That is why, it is vital to...

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How does Geothermal Energy make Electricity

Most of the electricity power plants use geothermal energy to generate electricity of hydroelectric energy and are reducing the use of fossil fuels to...

How does Solar Energy generate Electricity

Solar power is one of the most pure forms of power which is available today. It is much better than the other sources of...

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