Our universe is made up of 2 things that is matter and energy. It is pretty easy to understand the concept of matter because anything which occupy space and has a mass can be defined as matter. When you try to understand energy, it is much more complex.
If you go according to the technical definition of energy, energy can be defined as the ability to move things or to do any kind of work. You can exclaim that energy is the ability of anything to do a certain type of work.

Building a solar panel on your car and disconnecting completely from the grid is quite a challenge even for the most determined of us. Some amazing facts: Just 9 solar panels provide roughly enough electricity to power 12,000 miles of electric driving each year Level II charging station delivers full vehicle battery charge in 4 to 8 […]

Applications and the usage of solar energy has become pretty popular all over the world. If you look at the applications of solar energy, you would find out that it can be used for heating water or it can be used for more advanced purposes like producing electricity as well. In order to understand the […]

Solar energy is one of the widely used forms of renewable energy these days. Each and every form of energy has some advantages and some disadvantages. Same is the case with solar energy. You need to decide for yourself after taking into account advantages as well  disadvantages, whether these type of energy sources are good […]

The usage of solar energy is increasing all over the world. People are taking the required steps for the installation of solar panels in their homes and the prime motive for these people is to ensure that they are able to get a renewable form of energy at a much more affordable cost.   If […]

The cost of solar panels, varies a lot depending on the type of the technology as well as the size of the solar panels and efficiency of the solar panels. Over the last few years, the cost of the solar panels has drastically come down due to the improvement in technology. The efficiency of the […]

The cost of electricity is increasing on a yearly basis. This also gives rise to electricity bills which you pay. There are some pretty easy ways in which you can save on electricity. Most of the people think that if they take measures to save on electricity bills, they would be considered frugal but it […]

The renewable forms of energy are the most unlimited forms of energy which you have at present. That is why, it is vital to look into the usage of renewable forms of energy as far as possible. With the large number of renewable forms of energy available these days, it becomes easy for you to find […]

Each and every form of energy has its own pros and cons. This is true for solar energy as well. We will be discussing about some of the solar energy pros and cons of solar below. Solar Energy Pros: 1. Renewable form of energy: The main advantage of solar energy is that it is a […]

Most of the electricity power plants use geothermal energy to generate electricity of hydroelectric energy and are reducing the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. One of the widely used energy to make electricity is known as the geothermal energy. We would be discussing about the process of converting geothermal energy into electricity. So […]

Solar power is one of the most pure forms of power which is available today. It is much better than the other sources of energy which utilize fossil fuels. One of the most popular uses of solar power is to generate electricity. The question which puzzles many people is how does solar energy generate electricity? […]