We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

Carwise 40L 12v / 230v Meconomer

Large cooling box from Carwise with integrated wheels

The box can cool down to minus 15 degrees at a room temperature of 25 degrees.

The large box is divided into three compartments and thus has two partitions. In addition, one wall can be moved slightly. It offers great variety and many packing possibilities. Big Pet bottles can stand up.


Carwise cooler box 40 liters

Continuous setting of temperature from max to min depending on outside temperature.

The box holds the cold well and comes down quickly to the desired temperature. But 40 liters is a lot and if you pack it full it is not recommended to try to carry it in the slightly folding handles. Then it is better to roll it on the wheels, or lift with the handles recessed.


Big and hearty. Very affordable. A small refrigerator for the awning or summer cottage.


Short 220 cord. Slightly fold handle and lid to the cord housing. Heavy if it is to be lifted.

A 12v cooler in the car is the smartest way to bring food and drink on the road trip this summer. We have tested six different coolers in different sizes and price ranges.

Not all boxes can be refrigerated in the car – most boxes promise a cooling capacity of about 15 degrees below ambient temperature, and then it must be cool in the compartment if the boxes should come down to eight degrees.

If you have sensitive foods with you, it can be a good idea to supplement with a couple of cooling lamps, it makes a big difference.