Top 4 Voice Assistance Applications

Voice assistants are intelligent personal assistants designed to make your life easy by organizing and maintaining information. Some applications are automated and even use basic artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the user with a more interactive experience to perform concierge tasks and provide information based on voice commands. Voice assistants are basically robots that help you solve problems by providing solutions using an inbuilt inference engine to enhance human capability and productivity.

Here are four commonly used and popular voice assistants and intelligent personal assistants installed in smartphones:

Google Assistant
Premier features of Google Assistant include speech recognition, Google home, Google Allo, mobile integration, and a secure platform that allows you to inquire about anything using type assist or voice command. You can ask Google about the weather, check your flight status, ask directions that automatically link to Google maps, and do more with Google Assistant. One of the main highlights perhaps is that you can have Google translate the information for you in over 100 different languages directly using the Assistant. The voice assistant also features a hands-free that lets you command Google from anywhere in the room from a minimum distance.

If you have an iPhone, Siri comes preinstalled making it the default application for voice assistance. Prominent features of Siri include voice assistance for calls, messaging, voice changing, multi-language support, text editing, application support, and support for other bundles, including sports, entertainment, home kit, and more. Siri is programmed to do all the tasks that you would normally perform yourself like setting the alarm clock or timer, sending a message, and editing your email. Siri also offers support for multiple languages and allows you to choose either a male or female voice for the audio assistant. The smart software can also be easily integrated with third-party applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Venno, and Pinterest to manage information and organize your activities and preferences.

The application is specifically designed for Windows-based computers and features digital assistance, time-based reminders, location-based reminders, photo reminders, support for notebook, Microsoft edge, support for cloud and online services, office assistance, and more. Cortana connects all your Microsoft devices online and lets you manage your preferences using the voice assistant. Cortana learns with your preferences and responds to your individual needs by keeping in mind individual settings that can also be customized accordingly.

Blackberry Assistant
The BlackBerry phones may not necessarily be in demand at the moment, but BlackBerry assistant is a smart software that enables users to interact with its connected devices. Naturally, the stakes are high in competition with Siri, Google Assistant, and other mainstream voice assistance applications. The BlackBerry Assistant supports multitasking, a special quite text feature in case you are not able to use the audio assist, and dedicated Bluetooth-enabled devices to receive audio instructions and assist the user in the requested task.