The “Toyota Touch 2 with navigation” multimedia system

Toyota announces the launch of even more convenient, perfect and functional multimedia system “Toyota Touch 2 with navigation” version 2016. The system of version 2016 offers a new informative interface, intuitive controls, the ability to integrate applications in the navigation system, a wide range of additional updates and a free upgrade over the next three years. The new software version 2016, which was designed according to the wishes of the brand customers, is enabled multimedia system Toyota Touch of second generation with the navigation function to become even more user-friendly, sophisticated and functional.

The system is significantly improved in four main areas: a new, more informative interface, intuitive controls, the ability to integrate applications in the navigation system and a simple algorithm to create a client account. Important changes in the design of the navigation screen are subject to the principle of preserving comfortable and familiar control logic, familiar to users of Toyota Touch system 2. The main novelty is the appearance of the double divided navigation screen.

The main screen displays a map and additional information on the route, on an auxiliary “drop-down” on the right is media and one of the applications of your choice. The principle of integrating applications is familiar to users via widgets on the display of mobile phone or tablet. In an even more user-friendly design of the navigation screen appeared contrasting keys, clearly distinguishable against the background of the card. Instead, an additional level menu for quick access to the options of the route, and navigation are used convenient and clear labels. There is new «car navigation» mode – the ability to automatically start navigating to a predetermined route to a specified point in time.

Video: Toyota Touch 2 – An Introduction

Besides the possibility of connecting your phone to the car via Bluetooth device is added ability to sync wirelessly Wi-Fi devices. The system now supports full compatibility with your phone or tablet Apple. It is possible to realize the voice recognition function in two modes. The standard system uses a built-in voice recognition algorithm. The Siri mode activates service Apple Siri, which is the highest at the moment of speech recognition accuracy. An important advantage of system became a free upgrade navigational charts and online services available for Toyota customers for three years.


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