Original Honda oil

The original engine oil Honda is the highest quality oil, which is developed in the research laboratories of Honda in Japan. With original oil Honda engine is running at maximum efficiency. Oil meets the international specifications of API standard. Use genuine Honda oil to maintain high performance of your vehicle.


• Improved fuel efficiency. 8.4% of the fuel economy is registered as a result of factory tests. Economy is based on the use of special oil production technology with carefully selected components, which reduce friction.
• Superior lubricating properties. Reduced friction results in a decrease in engine wear and increased operating life of the car. HONDA Oil also keeps optimum viscosity in all conditions, providing the engine start even at low temperatures.
• Improved sealing properties. Sealing gaps in the engine and providing maximum power characteristics.
• Improved cleaning properties. It does not only lubricate, but also minimizes the formation of deposits.
• Improved corrosion resistance. Preventing corrosion of metal parts of the engine is invisible but very important feature of the engine oil.

Original oil for power steering and brake fluids

These unique fluids contain additives, are specially designed to prevent liquids and oxidation deterioration of the engine in the most vulnerable areas, affecting the quality of the power steering and braking efficiency of the system as a whole. The use of non-original Honda brake fluid can be cause of the corrosion and reduce the length of the system. To improve the efficiency of the system is necessary to use only original liquid Honda.

Original Honda gear oil

The original transmission oil Honda is designed especially for ensuring quiet and smooth shifting transmission and trouble-free operation transmission for a long time. The use of non-original Honda transmission fluid can cause difficulty in shifting, and low pressure liquid.

What does the code 0W-20 mean?

For example, code 0W-20 of the oil viscosity indicates classification, indicating operation at different oil temperatures. The first digit (in this case 0) – is the minimum viscosity temperature at which cold start is possible. The second digit (20) is high-viscosity oil, reflects the normal operating temperature. The lower the viscosity, the oil is more flowable. The low viscosity of the oil requires less energy for starting the engine, which means more fuel economy and lower emissions.



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