Accessories for the Chevrolet Spark

Despite its small size and elegant appearance, Chevrolet Spark 2016 is the car that has plenty to offer. Some accessories for this vehicle are aimed at the organization of the luggage compartment. But the best part aimed at improving the appearance. All accessories have been tested by Chevrolet. These Spark accessories are for improving driving quality and increase the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Container for cargo with compartments. With this organizer, cargo can be stored neatly in the car. Approximate price is $150.00.

Compartment for small items.This accessory will organize all the little things that need to be near. The organizer is placed on the central dashboard; special projections will help for all the small things to stay in place. It costs $ 20.

Chromed handles on the front and rear doors. These handles will give refinement car, underline personal style. The cost is $ 80.00.

The lower spoiler. The lower front spoiler complete with rapids provide the best aerodynamic performance of the car, while giving a personal appearance. Depending on the color, price ranges from $ 295.00 to $ 995.00.

Case for an external mirror. This detail will emphasize the style. The cover is available in several colors. The cost is $ 65.00.

Mudguard. This accessory protects the body from dirt and splashes. The range has a front and rear mud flaps; it is mounted behind the wheel. Price per couple is $ 50.00.

Accessories for grill. This accessory can be easily attached to the grill; it will give personality for the car. Unpainted paste costs $ 150, and in different color variations – $ 200.00.

Sheathing for the dashboard. Casing is available in black and chrome. It can be given emphasis of the dashboard, to emphasize the interior design with the help of this accessory. It costs $ 125.00.

Wheels of 15 inches. As an accessory are offered 15-inch wheels with five spokes. Wheel s are black with gray accents. It costs about $ 300.

Fog lights. Fog lights provide better visibility on the road in the fog, glare from the fog will be reduced. Price is $ 300.00.


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