3 Popular Air Fryers for Oil-free Cooking

Everyone loves fried food, and it is very addictive too. However, if you consume fried food regularly, it can also cause some serious health ailments. To deal with this problem, home appliance manufacturers invented air fryers. These appliances let you enjoy the flavor of fried food with minimal or no oil. While they are not entirely oil-free, they only need only a spoonful of oil to fry items for the whole family.

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food item, making it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Most food lovers will agree that while air fryers are good for your health, they can never match the rich taste of deep-fried foods. If you have decided that you want to invest in an air fryer for your health, here are some of the best options available for you.

Philips HD9641/96 Air Fryer
This Philips air fryer is one of the best products available in the market. It is better than others because this appliance is capable of cooking food items evenly, and it is more efficient than other air fryers in the market. Additionally, this air fryer has a QuickControl dial which makes it quite easy to use. With this model, you also get an appliance that has a smaller carbon footprint as compared to other brands. Therefore, you can invest in this Philips air fryer as it is good for your body as well as for the planet.

SimpleTaste Multi-function Air Fryer – 1400 W
SimpleTaste has introduced some great air fryers lately. This air fryer has become very popular because of its eight preset programs, which includes options for frying a variety of delicious items. The best part about this product is that despite having many options, it is still quite easy to use. It also has a display that lets you know the temperature of the fryer. You can control the temperature manually if you wish.

T-fal ActiFry
T-fal is a not-so-famous brand that manufactures air fryers. This product wins the race against other brands with its built-in paddle, which slowly moves the food inside the fryer allowing it to cook evenly on all sides. Along with this much-needed feature, T-fal also offers easy-to-use controls and a timer which can be set up to 99 minutes.