2016 Chevrolet Cruze Pricing Map and Full Review

This automobile has already become a legend. Affordable and powerful, the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will definitely take the automotive industry by storm.

The vehicle is aggregated by the 1,4 liters DOHC engine with turbocharger and four cylinders that has the power output in 153 HP. Unfortunately, the motor can’t boast a super economic fuel consumption for it spends 42 mpg on the highway.

The sporty “newby” in the Chevy family got a slight redesign in the shape of a new aerodynamic sculpting and headlamps that works as projector beams. The extra comfort is provided by the steering wheel with the system of auto heating and windshield, laminated with acoustical covering. The last option allows reducing the outside noise in the saloon. The rear bench can be folded at the 60/40 angle to increase the cargo capacity.

This year the manufacturers arrived at a decision to ensure the owners with technologies from the Apple – CarPlay and Android Auto. These apps give drivers the possibility to use voice command for interacting with their maps, texts, music and other content. Besides, this car offers an inbuilt 4G LTE module.

The initial MSRP price for the car starts from $16,620 with 6-speed standard manual gearbox. In case the engine is coupled by the manual transmission L the car will cost $17,495, LS manual variant will take you $18,995, LT – $20,695. The modification equipped with the automatic transmission of LS type will cost $19,995, LT and Premier type – $21,995 and $23,995 correspondingly.

The exterior and interior options in pair with 15-inch wheels made of steel are included in the standard package and doesn’t affect the overall price. The color scheme for the auto includes Silver Ice and Metallic shadows, the salon is wrapped in Jet Black cloth only. The front seats of bucket type, the in-house MyLink infotainment system with 7-inch sensor screen come for all modifications.

Engine block heater costs another $100. Add another $165 for getting a pedal cover kit and $25 for a smoker’s package.


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