The Best in Its Niche – BMW M4 GTS

 Automobiles are a means of transport. This evident but poor phrase definitely cannot be applied to a new BMW’s masterpiece, which elevated the BMW M4 Coupe to a new level of potential. Roll out the red carpet to an exclusive sporty showpiece named BMW M4 GTS!

The exceptional and unique abilities of a newcomer were tested at Nuerburgring race track, the lap time was achieved within 7,28 minutes. Fans would certainly be pleased for this sporty monster can be driven on public roadways too. Let’s take a look under the hood and see where the auto takes its juice from. Its 6-cylinder 3,0-litre in-line engine with turbocharger that serves a heart of the unit. The motor gained multiple awards and is enriched with a new technology targeted on water injecting that gives the auto a relevant boost in power and raises the out up to 500 hp (368 kW) at the maximum torque in 600 Nm. Add to the specification list the remarkable results in fuel and environmental economy – 8,5 litres/100 km in combined cycle and 199 g per kilometer of CO2 emissions – and you will get the most dynamic and agile auto in BMW M lineup.

The auto’s construction was light-weighted using smart technologies, so the entire weight of the model is equal just to 1,510 kilos. The platform was finely balanced and let owners to feel great driving experience at the wheel in the point of view of dynamics.

The exterior of the novelty sports a new bonnet, adjustable splitter in the front and amazingly designed roof, manufactured from CFRP. The rear wing can be adjusted too in order to optimize the air flow and reduce the lift that comes to a rear axle. A carbon-fibre diffuser can be seen under the bumper at the rear side of the model. The system of gas exhausting can boast a titanium muffler.

There are some features that maximize the equipment performance. We talk about the coilover suspension (three-way M) that is tuned exactly to the coupe and meets all customers’ and race circuits’ requirements. Brakes are produced from carbon ceramic, of course, and provide great deceleration and well-balanced pressure point even under the huge loads. No surprise that the auto is decorated with the ultimate wheel disks and tyres, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. All these options allow getting an exclusive traction on the road and excellent auto’s feedback while cornering.

The interior coincides with the general luxury line in the auto’s design. All significant units are wrapped into unique Alcantara leather with Merino accents. Sports seat are mounted for better comfort and supporting during racings.

BMW M4 Coupe Video:


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