Stunning BMW i8 2016

For creation of this model, for engineers it took about 3 years, which can be considered a record time for the corporation BMW. BMW i8 is clearly the most complex serial cars that ever went off the assembly line of the group. The exterior of car is clearly ahead of our time. It isn’t easy to find a similar option with “aerodynamic” wings, on which successfully placed the turn signals. The aerodynamic coefficient BMW i8 is only 0.26.


The entire car contours display dynamism and elegance. Dimensions are: length – 4689 mm; width – 1942 mm (with mirrors – 2039 mm); height – 1298 mm; wheelbase – 2800 mm. The weight of the machine in the base configuration is 1485 kg that can be called an excellent indicator for the hybrid car of sports type.


The cabin can accommodate 4 passengers, although comfort between the front and rear seats will vary. Interior BMW i8 supports the exterior features – interior space is filled with futuristic objects, there are several options for contour illumination; dashboard has a plurality of functions; innovative projection-type display; the front panel has a complex architecture; seats create a high level of comfort. Trunk in this sporty model is very small, just 154 liters. When the engine is running the air temperature in it is very high.

BMW i8 specifications

There are two engines in this car: the internal combustion engine and electric. Electric engine was developed directly by BMW, it is able to generate 250 Nm of torque as soon as you press the pedal (up to 3500 rev / min) and has a capacity of 131 hp. Traction is transmitted from the motor to the front wheel axle through the 2-speed automatic transmission. The batteries are lithium-ion Samsung batteries, which are located in the center console and have individual liquid cooling system. When driving only by electric, car can overcome 25-35 kilometers, depending on the speed and the road surface; the maximum speed will be about 120 km / h. The effective capacity of the battery is 5.2 kWh, maximum is 7.1. It will require 3 hours to charge a battery from an ordinary electrical outlet, and about 2 – from the original charge.
The turbocharged internal combustion engine transmits traction to the rear axle. It has three working cylinder and combustion chamber volume of 1.5 l. The internal combustion has power of 231 hp at 5800 rev / min., and 330 Nm of torque at 3700 rev / min. The torque is carried out with 6-speed automatic gear box. Speed characteristics. BMW i8 sports car is classified as a hybrid four-wheel drive sports car. The total engines output is 362 hp. In sport mode, car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.4 sec. And only electric traction allows you to accelerate to 60 km/h in 4.5 seconds. Here is installed electronic limiter of maximum speed – 250 km / h. According to the certificate of the NEDC, at the mixed mode fuel consumption will be about 2.5 liters / 100km.


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