Some information about buying a used BMW

Buying a car always requires careful consideration. Be sure, that you buy not low-quality car that will soon break, and repair cost is very expensive. The first, determine the amount of money you’re willing to pay for a purchase. Do not rush with the choice of car. It is no need to buy the first available BMW. The more cars you look, the more options will be compared. Before the direct choice, learn materials about BMW. You should be aware of important technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, weaknesses of the model.

The best way is to tell your friends about the intention to buy a BMW. Thus, you can buy a car cheaply and from proven people. The second way, no less important, is a web search. You can just look for pre-made ads, but also to place your ad in which one you can immediately specify your wishes and the required characteristics. After gathering all information, you must decide the most appropriate options for you, contact the seller. After telephone conversation with the owner of a BMW will be some options, which are really worth seeing.

Questions for owner before the inspection car

1. Are in the vehicle passport any changes?
2. Learn VIN code and check it in the Internet.
3. Then ask some questions about the body: is the car repainted, is any corrosion (BMW usually rots on the ground strike), was any accident, the condition of the thresholds (the presence of rotten sill talking about the state of the vehicle as a whole).
The car body is the biggest problem, which is necessary to look first of all, if you decide to buy a used car. Everything else is simply repaired and not expensive, but if the body has started to rust, it is a big problem that will rise again and again, no matter how well it is patched. Who will remove everything from the body and send it by sandblasting, and then re-paint it.
4. Ask about the motor state. What is the oil consumption of 10 000 km? (More than 5 liters can be considered critical). Is there knocking in the engine? (It is the reason to measure compression of the motor and to assess the cost of repairs). Do fluids leak? (It should not be if a good care of the car was).
Transmission – no one wants to buy a BMW, which will go bad. How would not be good the engine, clutch and gear box can spoil everything. It can be repaired, but not at home, and therefore worth the money, as repair is not easy.



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