Overview BMW 4-series

BMW 4 – Series has become larger in size, compared with its predecessor. However, the total weight of 4- series is less than 3- series on 20- 40 kg, the weight depends from configuration. All these manipulations with the centimeters and proportions led to the fact, that the center of gravity is reduced as possible.

Changes in interior

Inside the interior is focused on the driver’s position, so the center panel and console are slightly angled towards the driver. The buyer can choose any package options: M Sport, Sport Line, Modern Line and Luxury Line. They differ in that each has its original body parts, wheel rims design and finishing materials for the interior. For example, Sport Line kit can arrange pillar in glossy black and Luxury Kit provides for chrome elements. Sport Package includes the more aggressive elements of aerodynamics, enhanced brakes and adaptive suspension sporty. Among the obvious advantages of the new coupe can be emphasized and the volume of the load compartment – 445 liters. It is only 35 liters less than the sedan.


The chassis on BMW 4-series are borrowed from the 3-series, but the engineers made some improvements, the camber angle, the position of the roll center are changed, is used a special configuration of the springs and shock absorbers, are offset pivots control arm. For the coupe is offered three options for the chassis. First, the base is with passive dampers. The second is with electronically-controlled dampers. And third, the toughest, the so-called suspension M Performance is again with passive. The torque is transmitted to the rear wheels as standard and works by the 6-speed manual gearshift. As an option for all engines is offered sports 8 -speed automatic transmission, it allows you to change gears manually, using the paddles on the steering wheel.


The most expensive version of the 4 – series is 435i xDrive. This version is equipped with a 3-l engine with 306 hp. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.9 sec. The speed is limited in 250 km / h. It is the most powerful variant, and it has the largest fuel consumption – 7.6 l per 100 km.

All of the 4- series have received an automatic Start / Stop system, bi-xenon headlights with washers, fog lights, heated side mirrors and atomizers of washers, rain sensor, alarm system Park Distance Control (rear), automatic two-band climate control, sport leather multifunction heated steering wheel, heated front seats and rear seats folding system, a color 6.5- inch display.


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