BMW M6 Convertible Review

Daydreaming is better with open eyes – and with the open roof. BMW M6 Convertible is an ideal combination of power and style. Incredibly powerful engine propels the car in 4.3 sec to 100 km/h.

Body design

The powerful silhouette invariably draws everyone’s attention to the BMW M6 Cabriolet. Design and power complement each other. The scrupulous attention was paid for the minutest detail. For example are gloss-black double edges of the grille with the logo of M. The built-in dual exhaust pipes and a diffuser into the apron are typical of M-Series and fit harmoniously into the shape of BMW M6 Convertible. It does not matter are you traveling with a closed soft top or under the open sky.

Interior design

Interior BMW M6 Cabriolet carried out by the individual order, and its elaborate layout speaks for itself. The interior forms a single space around the driver and is made by request materials from the Individual collection of BMW. Each control is where it should be. The center of the functionality is the steering wheel with leather with Drive buttons and switches of the Drivelogic transmission. The instrument panel M-series is very informative: all clearly visible even in bright sunlight.

Soft top

The automatic top offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. With the closed top Convertible acquires the silhouette of coupe. The rear window with electric and heating function is lowered down and allows the fresh air circulation in the cabin without drafts. At speeds up to 40 km/h top can be lowered for only 19 seconds and be risen for 24 seconds. Even when the top is closed, passengers can enjoy the fresh air. All windows can be lowered, and the top, however, remains closed, for example, to protect them from direct sunlight.

The Competition package

The Competition Package increases engine power and the steering responsiveness, and specially tuned suspension takes driving performance BMW M6 Convertible for a higher level. Power of V8 petrol engine M Twin Power Turbo is increased from 560 hp to 600 hp. On the race track and daily trips specially tuned suspension and extremely dynamic Active Steering provide the most accurate vehicle response to every movement of the steering wheel.

Based on the review of this car it is clear that power and force can be elegant and beautiful. In this car high-tech materials, such as aluminum, ceramics and carbon fiber, are combined with the experience and racing genes. Engineers have created the driver the most exciting experiences that are only possible in the world of gasoline and asphalt in the open air.

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