BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo review

BMW 5-series Gran Turismo  looks very massive and solid, but it didn’t lose its grace. It’s the car, which exactly is a product of BMW, and not only in front of the radiator with a double cut, but also in other things. The BMW is determined by the branded lights, as well as the famous Hofmeister Kink – reversing kink of the back pillar, which since the early 70’s for a long time has become one of the hallmarks of the Bavarian design.

Interior is designed for travel

The stylish design of the interior space, impressive panoramic roof and side glass area fill interior with light and create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. But this car has not only harmonious exterior design, but also a great functionality of interior space. Car is simply created for traveling for long distances. Comfortable seats have plenty of adjustment options, allowing you to optimally configure them.
Due to the impressive size of the vehicle three passengers can accommodate at its back seat.
Inside Gran Turismo is spacious and comfortable, but that does not reduce the place for luggage. At first glance, this is not too noticeable, but this conversion was made for providing additional space for luggage. The luggage compartment is 430 liters and due to the fact that the interior is easily transformed, it can be increased to an impressive 570 liters.

The car filling

The car comes with several engines. For example, a basic 3.0-liter engine produces 245 hp is offered for those who prefer a moderate ride. With this engine Gran Turismo is available with full or rear wheel drive. But the 306 hp diesel engine of the same volume comes with all-wheel drive.
Petrol 3.0-liter engines are represented with a power of 306 hp, and they work in tandem with the automatic transmission. For those who can’t imagine life without traveling, – cars in a complete set with an 4.4-liter engine of 450 hp can reveal all the possibilities of the machine during a crackdown on the country road. Improved braking system of the machine is equipped with ABS and innovative devices Brake Drying and Brake Standby.

BMW 5 Gran Turismo 2016 – elegance and beauty

This hatchback will certainly become your reliable companion and will surprise you with the perfect combination of sedan elegance, with the high driver’s seat like in a powerful SUV and with the spacious like wagon. All this will allow you to enjoy of the unsurpassed comfort of travel. The seats are upholstered in natural leather Dakota, interior is decorated with high-quality plastic and aluminum. The special Nappa leather (in a few options of shades) is offered in added value. Infotainment equipment is also at a high level. It is possible to adjust the front seats in 10 destinations – including the position of “active” head restraints. There is double glazed roof: the front half opens, the back is fixed.

I really like that BMW 5 Gran Turismo is the all-wheel drive car. The design is slightly different from the entire range of BMW. Small fuel consumption adds practicality to this car. Well, in general, this is good car for a family, a roomy luggage compartment. It is convenient for travel. This car is a complex of high-tech and comfort.

2016 BMW 5 Gran Turismo Video:


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