BMW X6 M Review

BMW X6 M combines the power of the M-series car models with high functionality X-series. Its temperamental V-8 M TwinPower Turbopetrol engine, 8-speed automatic transmission Steptronic and intellectual four-wheel system xDrive with special M settings are the guarantors of pleasure driving. Spacious interior impresses with noble materials, sport seats with high form fit and specific to the M-Series design elements. This is a beautiful, powerful, docile and comfortable car without any reservations.

The nature of a race car

Breathtaking dynamics, impressive maneuverability and perfect handling: BMW X6M sets really new standards in its class. Quick Start Function (Launch Control) provides the fastest possible acceleration from standstill in any situation. Active suspension Dynamic Drive, Dynamic Performance Control System and Dynamic Damping Control perfectly adapt the BMW to any road conditions.

Instant switching gear provides 8-speed Steptronic, both in manual and in automatic mode. M composite brakes effectively stop the car at any speed. And thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics technologies impressive power is accompanied by a remarkable efficiency.

Lock-up clutch torque converter provides direct connection of the engine with the gearbox, reducing power loss to a minimum. One of the distinguishing features of the vehicle M is that during the stopping, engine does not link with gearbox. Thereby it isn’t necessary to hold the brake pedal to prevent the vehicle from moving forward. This mode can be switched off by briefly pressing the accelerator pedal, for example when maneuvering.

Intellectual system of the all-wheel drive

Intellectual all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive continuously distributes torque between the axles. The system reacts instantly to changing conditions while adjusting the torque distribution, thereby providing maximum traction, directional stability and driving safety. It also prevents an insufficient and excessive turnover, improving stability and handling.

Composite brakes of M-series

High-performance M brake discs made of composite materials and are created using racing technology. They are stable and don’t allow the loss of braking force even in extreme situations. The highest resistance to thermal stress, durability and accuracy of responses are achieved by the using of different materials with high strength. In addition, it reduces the weight of the brake, which has a good effect on the acceleration, maneuverability and fuel consumption. This model has 21-inch forged alloy wheels with mixed tires, which embody the strength and confidence from all angles. The 20-inch and 21-inch wheels are presented in two-tone design with a shiny polished surface and original design.

The first impression of the BMW X6M is very good. There are beautiful appearance, handling, and excellent dynamics. Inside the machine there is a feeling of tightness. The car has a smooth ride and economical fuel consumption. But during long rides through various roads there is a feeling of insecurity. This is evident in the inaccurate electronics work, the unreliable suspension, the poor performance electric power steering.



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