2016 BMW M3 Sedan Overview

BMW M3 Sedan is a sports car in a practical 4-door body. Brand-new in-line V6 petrol engine TwinPower Turbo with power of 431 hp offers excellent performance throughout the rev range. Borrowed from motorsport innovations such as active differential, the adaptive suspension, steering with M Servotronic system or a 7-speed gearbox with the DCT Drivelogic, set new standards in dynamism. The interior is a model of ergonomics. New M seats provide lateral support. It is all for the main goal – the convenience and pleasure of the driver. BMW M3 Sedan established for changing your perception of speed. Inline 6-cylinder M engine with capacity of 431 hp in conjunction with 6-manual gearbox or a 7 speed transmission DCT delivers amazing dynamics and extremely accurate responses. Active M differential ensures optimum traction and steering with M Servotronic system – perfectly tuned handling.

Active differential

Active differential optimizes stability driving, when changing accelerating out of the turn, during fast cornering and on rough roads. Traction is improved by the differential with electronic control, which reduces the difference between the rear wheel speeds.

Function of Launch Control

When the engine is warm Launch Control function delivers the most intense acceleration from standstill. It is enough to deactivate the Dynamic Stability Control system (DSC), select the sequential mode with the program 3 and hold the brake pedal fully press the gas pedal. When on the panel will light up as the starting flag indicator, the engine will keep optimum speed ensures the most effective start. Hold the pedal fully depressed, release the brake pedal, the car accelerates with the maximum intensity, which continues until the release of the accelerator pedal. M DCT Transmission selects switching moments so as to transmit at higher engine speed remains optimal. This feature will be appreciated by fans of the dynamic, sporty driving style. The lightweight body structure In developing the M cars the most important priorities is the design. This is because the low weight is the key to achieve the best dynamic performance and exemplary efficiency. For the manufacture of many components are used ultralight materials such as CFRP (plastic, carbon fiber reinforced), magnesium or aluminum. As a consequence, dynamic performance and maneuverability, acceleration and braking parameters are improved.

Adaptive suspension

Shock absorbers adaptive M Suspension with electronically controlled, adapt to the nature of the road and the chosen driving style. Settings are changed in a matter of milliseconds, ensuring optimum quality of contact and grip in any situation; further improves the maneuverability and control. Suspension settings can be changed by selecting one of three modes – comfort from Comfort to Sport sports options and Sport +.



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