Lexus lx 2016 diesel


Lexus LX 450 Diesel Executive 2016. The 2016 Lexus LX 570 eight-passenger luxury SUV equals spaciousness. The LX 570 is one of key models from Toyota’s luxury division Lexus. It was originally launched in 1995. Get the latest reviews of the 2016 Lexus LX 570. Find prices, buying advice, pictures, expert ratings, safety features, specs and price quotes.

More important, the eight-speed transmission operates seamlessly. It does offer a manual mode, but the responses are rather deliberate and we suspect few if any owners will use it in everyday driving after the first few attempts. In full auto mode, however, it goes up and down its menu of gears almost imperceptibly, and it is quick to drop down two or even three cogs when the driver signals a need for haste with a hard stab on the throttle.

The first LX diesel – and the first diesel-powered Lexus to be offered in Australia – is believed to have been developed mainly for our market following lobbying by Lexus Australia, which told in July last year that an LX diesel was “not off the table”.

The move will be a bitter blow for the LX’s only direct rival, Infiniti’s new Y62 Patrol-based QX80, which – like the Lexus until now – is available only with V8 petrol power, limiting its appeal.

Diesel vehicles account for the vast majority – up to 95 per cent – of sales of the 200 Series LandCruiser, which will donate its 4.5-litre diesel V8 to its sister model.

So far this year the LX 570 has attracted 123 buyers (up 14 per cent), while the QX80 has found just 17 homes. The upper-large luxury SUV segment is dominated by the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (540 sales) and Range Rover (309), most of which were diesels.

It’s not clear how much effect the changes will have on the LX 570’s fuel consumption, which currently stands at a hefty 14.8L/100km.

However, the new transmission can be reconfigured through the Lexus Drive Mode Select system, which is new to the LX 570, and features different operating modes including Eco, Comfort, Sport S and Sport S+; and also governs damper settings.

Both LX models will have a 3500kg towing capacity (750kg unbraked) and a 3350kg gross vehicle mass.

As we’ve reported when it was revealed in August, the new-look LX wears fresh sheet metal and a radical new Lexus ‘spindle grille’, with only the roof and doors carried over from the previous model.


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