What You Need to Know About the Chevrolet Equinox


The Chevrolet Equinox design

The first Chevrolet Equinox was presented to the public in 2003 in Detroit. This model is produced in our days. Equinox is a mid-size crossover; it consolidated some of the details of the Chevrolet Tracker and Chevrolet Blazer. This car can be equipped with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The Equinox LTZ has chrome wheels 17 inches and decorative elements of the body.

Interior fittings

Equinox is designed for families. This SUV is very functional, it has in so many different niches, consoles, large trunk. Traveling on the Equinox, you can take all the necessary things for a comfortable stay. A long wheelbase provides interior spaciousness. The rear passenger’s seat can be moved on special rails, providing additional space in the trunk. If the seatbacks are folded, there’s room to carry very heavy loads.

Under the hood

Equinox runs on engine LY7 V6 DOHC, whose volume is 3.6 liters, and the power of 276 hp. With this power the car for 7 seconds run from zero to 100 km. The engine works in tandem with an automatic 6-speed transmission 6T70.


Equipment of the Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox is available in a complete set of LS, LTZ and LT. The list of modifications LS equipment includes:
• 17-inch alloy wheels;
• Textile decoration of interior;
• Air conditioning;
• Electronic control of the driver’s seat;
• Folding and moving rear seat;
• Full power;
•Cruise control;
• Tie a tilt-and-telescoping column;
• Steering wheel with audio controls;
• Bluetooth, OnStar system.


LT version is equipped with, depending of the type 1LT or 2LT:

• Rear privacy glass;
• Heated rear-view mirrors;
• More expensive fabric interior decoration;
• Roof rails;
• Rear-view camera;
• Fog lamps;
• Remote starting the engine;
• Automatic climate control;
• Heated front seats;
• Internal rear-view mirrors.

The LTZ complete set includes:

• Tailgate with electric drive;
• Automatic headlights;
• Rear parking sensors.

Other additional equipment for all versions is the chromic 19- and 18-inch wheels, navigation system, sunroof, and a new warning about the end of the assembly and the lane collision. The Chevrolet Equinox advantages are good noise isolation, a large number of storage compartments, reliability appearance, a spacious interior. The disadvantages are: in comparison with competitors the small luggage compartment, sluggish and unresponsive operation.


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