All the truth about the 2016 Honda Odyssey


Those who had experienced driving 2016 Honda Odyssey, are impressed by its agile handling and smooth ride. Aimed to create the uttermost solution, the engineers of the Honda Corporation was lucky to develop the 2016 Best Minivan for the Money. The famous family minivan was redesigned a lot and got the winning combo of in-house owners-friendly features, safety, and interior space.

The exterior of the auto can boast a powered tailgate for more convenient cargo loading. Now drivers can place the things inside the car even if their hands are not free. The side mirrors are heated helping to avoid fog and ice created on the buildup. The option of smart entry was added, which allows opening the doors without keys fishing. As for the appearance of the minivan, it was enriched by the roofline spoiler at the rear part, that punctuates the aerodynamic profile much.

The interior sports the second row of seats that can be moved forward for additional space creation and eased access to the 3rd raw. The modification of the auto with the second row seats placed from each other at a distance appeared. The option Third Raw Magic Seat allows hiding one seat in one motion entirely, going up the space for cargo. Large families will be glad to know that the auto support up to five children seats installing.

The audio and connectivity options were enlarged too. The 8-inch display mounted on the dashboard can inform the driver about the fuel consumption, show incoming text messages, and download music. While driving a long distance, children can be entertained with the 16,2-inch screen with game console compatible.

Achieving the increased level of convenience, the manufacturers equipped the model with the HondaVAC cleaning system. The safety is provided thanks to the Honda LaneWatch, Blind Spot, Driver-Assist, Forward Collision, and Electronic Brake systems.
The 2016 Honda Odyssey engine lineup includes such units as V6 with 3,5 liters capacity and 248 h.p. The motor is now paired with 6-speed automatic transmission.


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