The weaknesses on BMW X5 2016


BMW X5 for many drivers is not just a car. This is a true icon, the dream. This model is extremely popular. BMW X5 was presented in January’99 in Detroit, at the Auto Show. This car made a powerful impression, because BMW never released such models – it was thought that for a company with such a sporty image as BMW by status are not supposed to produce SUVs. However, BMW did not spoil his image. Bavarian engineers have done their best to BMW X5 perfectly behaved on the asphalt – a result of a long time in the X5 was simply no competition among off-road vehicles on the handling. But the reverse side of good governance has been that as the SUV, BMW X5 isn’t good in all aspects. This car can be driven only by relatively smooth dirt paths.
In most cases, when you buy a BMW X5, you’ll have to choose between 6 – cylinder engine (230 hp) V8 and 4.4-liter. Last engine to modernization, which took place in late 2003, gave out 286 hp, and then its power increased to 330 h p. Also, sometimes you can find the “charged” cars that were designated BMW X5 4.6 is. Such cars have already engine displacement of 4.6 liters. (347 hp). But that’s not all – later BMW X5 got a modification of 4.8-liter engine with 360 hp (X5 4,8is).

According to the masters, from the ‘is’ versions is better to refuse. First, they get significantly more expensive vehicles with 4.4-liter engine. And secondly, in most cases, their technical condition after 3-4 years of operation is worse. Therefore, it is better to choose between engines 3.0 l. and 4.4 liters. Engines have always been a strong point of all BMW, without exception. However, these motors are not ideal. Engine mountings, injectors and ignition coils are failing after the run for more than 80 thous. km. The nozzles are usually broken individually, but the coils often have to change everything at once, resulting in expenditure will produce rather large. Sometimes electronic thermostat (typical for a 3.0-liter engine) has become broken. The item is inexpensive, but its failure leads to the fact that the engine starts to warm up. And it is very dangerous for the aluminum unit. But for the 4.4 L engine is characterized the breaking of the air flow meter and the throttle servo.

But more often the owners of BMW X5 complain of increased oil consumption. Sometimes, for every thousand kilometers away to 1 l of lubrication, and this is the norm! Oil “eats” mostly because the broken valve guides. If you are using a car with a 3.0-l engine, be sure to once every six months clean the radiator. When it becomes clogged, the fan starts to blow on the motor is very hot air. Engine is not boiling, but the air temperature in the vicinity of the first cylinder (the one closer to the radiator) seriously increases. All this leads to the fact that the rings are deposited oil, the oil consumption seriously increases (the dimension compression typically indicates that everything is in order). If the situation has gone too far, then the solution will be only one – the overhaul.

BMW X5 is a very nice car: prestigious, comfortable, fast. If you buy BMW X5, remember, that it has not good steering and suspension. And if in the car something breaks, then the costs will be very high. It is the best to take the X5 with an automatic transmission and 3.0-liter engine, according to the masters.


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